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Trinity Cathedral Ringing Weekend

If you can't find the tower, you can't ring at it! 
Call 501-249-0354 if you have any problems finding us.


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Directions from the Cathedral to Hacienda for the Friday Night Dinner:
Take 17th St West to Broaday.
Go Right (North) on Broadway to 6th St.
Go Left (West) on 6th St
Go Right (North) on Chester (the first light)
Take Chester North to Cantrell (the last light) and to Left (West)
Follow Cantrell to Hacienda (white restaurant on your right just after Office Depot)

Directions fromt the Cathedral to the Dearnley house for Saturday night dinner
Go West on 17th St to Broadway
Go right (North) on Broadway to I-630
Go West on I-630 to the University exit going North
Follow University until it ends on Palisades Dr. and go left (West)
The house is #9, the last on the left.
You may park on the street or in the courtyard

Directions from the airport to the Cathedral

Turn RIGHT (South) onto Airport Rd 0.5 mi

Continue (South-West) on Bankhead Dr [Airport Rd] 0.3 mi

Turn RIGHT (West) onto Ramp 0.3 mi

Merge onto I-440 (West) 2.1 mi

At I-440 I-30 Exit, turn off onto Ramp 0.4 mi

Merge onto I-30 [US-167] (North) 1.0 mi

At I-30 Exit 139B, turn off onto Ramp 0.5 mi

Merge onto I-630 (West) 0.4 mi

At I-630 Broadway Exit, turn off onto Ramp 0.1 mi

Go Left onto Broadway (South) 0.4 mi

Turn LEFT (East) onto 17th St. 100yrd

Arrive Trinity Cathedral