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Trinity Cathedral Ringing Weekend

August 1-3, 2003


Welcome to the official website for this unofficial event!

We have the weekend schedule and have posted pictures for everyones' general amusement. 

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A big thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible!  It was an outstanding success!  We're measuring success by the number of asprin we're still taking.  We all walked away with sore shoulders and smiles on our faces- you can't ask for much more!  Let's do it again!

Some of you may be scratching your heads as to why we're holding this weekend.  It all started with us inviting Allen Nunley down for the weekend to help us out with our ringing.  It was soon pointed out that during the Summer we're a little short on ringers and no matter how much we love to ring, 4-5 hours straight is a bit much for most of us.
So we decided to invite our friendly neighborhood towers in to share in the experience.  Why not?  Everyone benefits and it's an excuse for a party.  Then our friend Don Morrison agreed to fly down to help out as well.  We're just pleased as punch by this! 
We're hoping for a relaxed and fun weekend in the company of good friends and good ringing.

Although this weekend is for current ringers, everyone is welcome to stop in and listen to the bells at any time.  We will have the tower television set up so you can watch the bells as well as listen.  However, we will not be giving belfrey tours this weekend.

Ringing Liberty Bell


You've seen us, now we look forward to seeing you!

The Little Rock tower looks forward to ringing with you either August 1-3, 2003 or anytime you're in town.  Just give us a call!